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Year-Round Air Quality Services

Welcome to T&H Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.! We are proud to provide Southern Ontario with top-quality air quality services. Our expert technicians are trained to provide a variety of air quality solutions to ensure that you and your loved ones breathe clean and fresh air at home or in the office.

Our Air Quality Services Include:

Air Purification Services

We offer air purification systems that use advanced technology to filter out harmful particles and pollutants, leaving you with cleaner and healthier air to breathe.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Our indoor air quality solutions are designed to address a range of air quality issues such as excess humidity, allergens, and pollutants, providing you with a safer and healthier living or working environment.

UV Air Purifier Installation

UV air purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill viruses and bacteria, providing an additional layer of protection against harmful pathogens in your indoor environment. We offer professional installation of UV air purifiers to ensure optimal performance.

HEPA Filter Installation

Our HEPA filters can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles, including pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. This can greatly improve the air quality in your home or office, making it a safer and healthier place to live or work.

Dehumidifier Installation

Excess humidity in your indoor environment can lead to mold growth, musty odors, and respiratory issues. Our dehumidifier installation services can help control humidity levels and prevent these issues from occurring.

Humidifier Installation

Dry indoor air can cause a range of health issues such as dry skin, sinus problems, and respiratory irritation. Our humidifier installation services can help maintain optimal indoor humidity levels, promoting better health and comfort.

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